Friday, March 2, 2012

First Birthday: The Details

I am not so sure what to do with myself this weekend, as my life has been consumed with pink & purple, crafting, shopping, to-do list making, Pinterest stalking and planning, planning & more planning for sweet V's first birthday. 

Now is the time to show everyone what I have been working on over the past few weeks and get my crafts "pinned"!!

Balloon Wreath
I will start with what you already balloon wreath this was my first successful Pinterest project, which made me excited to try more.

Letter V
I also posted about my obsession with the letter V with this post

 Pink & Purple Birthday Banner. 
I used letter stencils, scrapbook paper, Elmer spray glue (have you used that stuff before? amazing and no air bubbles, you can also reposition if you glued it crooked the first time, which happened a lot), ribbon and small metal clips that can be found at walmart in the school supplies section.  I also found pink & purple butterflies at Michaels to add a little sparkle.

V Heads

This by far was my favorite craft and party decor.  I give Pinterest credit for this one, there were no directions, but it was not hard to figure out.  I picked 5 of my favorite facial expressions, blew them up using a copy machine, printed a gagillon (wanted extras for mistakes) glued the heads to card stock for extra reinforcement.  I used pink & purple scrapbook paper for the hats and bought a few of those tiny spools of ribbon sold at Michaels.  I also bought some fishing line, strong, invisible and cheap to hang the heads.  I used two lines for each strand, attaching across the hats and then across the heads.

I don't think I will ever throw these away, how funny will it be to bust them out at her Sweet 16 or 30th birthday parties?  I love them so much they are currently hanging in the game room, I may never take them down.

Party Hat & Diaper Cover
I custom ordered a birthday hat with Victoria's name on it, it will be fun to see her wear it for many more birthdays to come.  I decided not to personalize the diaper cover, in the event that we have another girl someday, V can share.  These items were on display at the party, but used in her professional 1 year, photo shoot.

High Chair Decor
My mother-in-law made bows from pink & purple wire ribbon

One Year Memory Book
I started a digital scrapbook during my T-SAHM stage and then rushed the weekend before the party to get it finished.  We won't even talk about how much I paid in shipping to get it in time for the party.  I designated 2 pages in the book for guests to sign and write their special birthday message to Victoria.  I thought this was a perfect 1st Birthday keepsake.
Fun Stuff
Instead of party hats, I found these adorable Happy Birthday sunglasses for the kiddos to wear.

V even had her own sunglasses, but I learned quickly that one-year-olds do not do sunglasses.

I also found a great deal on pink & purple beads, they were a hit with both the boys & girls!

Party Favors
I decided to take on the task of chocolate covered pretzels as favors for the party.  I bought 2 flower pretzel candy molds, 4 bags of melting chocolate, pretzel bags, colored paper and a pack of heart stickers.   I was able to make approximately 40 of them. After all was said and done, it was .50/per favor!  Deal!

Tips & Tricks
* use a heating pad to keep your melting chocolate warm when in the bag
*use Ziploc bags (freezer are more sturdy) if you don't own icing bags
*put about 2 tablespoons of shortening in your melting chocolate to make it easier to work with
* put the completed molds in the freezer to allow the chocolate to set faster

Rainbow Fruit Tray
Another Pinterest find.  My friend Jodie was in town for the party and she was in charge of the rainbow fruit tray, she did an amazing job.  It looked so good our party guests didn't want to touch it.

Cake Pops
My mother-in-law read this disastrous post and offered to make the cake pops.  She has now added them to her cookie business, if you live in the Pittsburgh area and ever need cake pops let me know I can hook you up.  They looked amazing!  She did purple cake with white chocolate and pink cake with  milk chocolate.  I bought a fun bucket, lined it with styrofoam and Easter grass, added a few pinwheels and ta-da!  The cake pops were V approved too!

She also made sugar cookie cut outs in V's, 1's, hearts and flowers.

1st Birthday Pinata
We had a handful of kids attend the party and wanted to have a fun activity that they all could participate in.  We picked a pinata that does not require any bats, the kids took turns pulling strings until an explosion of candy fell from the ONE!
The pinata was full of clearance Valentines candy, score!

Kid Activities

There was no way that we would be able to fit 40+ party guests in the house we currently live in, our community center offers a birthday package at an affordable rate.  It includes a room, a quarter of the gym and 4 hours of fun!  We brought in a bunch of activities for kids to play with at the party, hula hoops, a wagon, bowling, balls, basketballs, and an inflatable bounce house.  The age range of kids were 9 months - 6 years old, most of the kids were one or two, which was too young to really do an organized game.

Stay tuned for First Birthday: The Guests coming soon....

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! it all turned out so so cute!! I may have to steal a few ideas for B`s party in June...(if you don`t mind ;))

  2. It turned out so cute! We are having C's birthday at our local library's rec room. :) I cannot believe V is one

  3. Great party!! Love everything. :) I have those same flower candy molds for pretzels too. :)

    Glad it was successful!

  4. LOVE IT!!! You did an amazing job! We are having Z bday at the end of the month and I have nothing planned!LOL

  5. You are so creative! Love all of the personal touches!

  6. LOVE IT!
    The cake pops look like they turned out yummy.... and they look awesome!

  7. I really wish we were invited to this fab party ;) You sure went all out and pulled it off. Congrats on one year of motherhood!

  8. All of your hard work paid off! Everything turned out beautifully! That rainbow fruit tray project had my name all over it ;)


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